Where We’ve Been

`Corral Creek at Dians 003You may have seen us play at any of the these good ‘ol times…

We have been together for 13 plus years, just a very few of the places we have played are listed. We play the Portland Metro area, Wilsonsville, Newberg, Salem, Corvallis, and festivals in Oregon and Washington. Check our “Where we are going” page for our current schedule.
 K & M Winery Carlton, oregon
Oregon Bluegrass Association Gospel Show
Eastside Bluegrass Series in Portland, Oregon
Clatskanie Bluegrass Festival, Clatskanie, Oregon
Cornerstone Coffee in McMinnville, Oregon 
High N’ Dry Bluegrass Festival 2014, 2015   Bend, Oregon
Eagle’s View Bluegrass Reunion, Sutherlin, Oregon
Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival, Tygh Valley, Oregon  2015 & 16
Newberg Old Fashioned Festival 2015 & 16
The Butteville Store CD release 2016
The Horse Radish Carlton, Oregon 2017
Dayton Friday Nights 2017
Scholls Community Church Berry Jam 2017
Winona Grange Tualain, Oregon..
We also play weddings, memorials, church services, event festivals, and house concerts.
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